Message from the President

 Optorun was founded in 1999 under the business model of providing process solutions for optical thin-film deposition using opto-nanotechnology. Since its founding, as a comprehensive manufacturer of vacuum optical thin-film equipment, we have been providing equipment products along with deposition process know-how in order to maximize value for our customers and hence contribute to the whole society.

 We have always taken on the challenge of creating new frontiers for optical products by continually developing optimal thin-film deposition technologies to meet the changing demand and diversifying needs of our customers in areas such as optical communications, digital consumer electronics, solar cells, LED, and smartphones.

 In recent years, the business opportunities for thin-film deposition equipment have expanded from optics to semiconductor optics fusion and further into electronic devices. In order to apply the advanced ALD and etching technologies we have cultivated to the growing need for micro-machining technologies, we will strengthen the R&D functions of the entire Optorun group, strengthen collaboration with other companies, and strive to supply products to the market in a timely manner.

 As a global R&D-oriented company, Optorun will continue to contribute to the development of a Smart Society by taking on the challenge of developing products that capture growing optronics demand.

 We ask for your continued support.

Bin Fan, Ph.D.
Representative Director, CEO
Optorun Co., Ltd.