Development of physical vapor deposition(PVD) materials

Optorun strives for the optimization of physical vapor deposition (PVD) equipment, deposition processes, and PVD materials. As part of these efforts, we have developed a structure that enables the development of PVD materials.

The PVD method is an industrial technology for the forming of thin films. The materials used in this method are called “PVD materials,” and in general consist of metal, metal oxides, and other chemical metals.

A variety of things are used depending on the purpose of the product. Variations arise in the type and quality of PVD materials as well, in conjunction with the increasing sophistication and diversity of functions demanded of thin films. The use of organic materials other than chemical metals has spread to this area as well in recent years.

We at Optorun believe that the value of our products ultimately comes from widespread industrial use. Accordingly, we develop our products with a high level of quality control and stable supply foremost in mind.