About OTFC Series


OTFC series, based on the ion-assisted technology, are the most suitable coating system for producing AR coatings and optical filters such as edge filters, band pass filters etc.

Chamber size: φ 600mm-φ1800mm
60-point optical thickness monitor.
RF ion source achieving uniformed, larger ion beam distribution
over a larger area at high ion current density.
Over 100 layers can be deposited by 2 EB guns and multi-point
crucible hearth or annular hearth.
Auto-deposition control system for fully automated process.
Center-driving or planetary substrate dome is selectable.
Diffusion pumps plus Polycold or Cryo- pumps.


Vacuum Chamber SUS304, φ900mm×1300mm (H)
Substrate Dome Size φ 790mm
Substrate Dome Rotation Speed 10 rpm to 30 rpm (Variable)
Optical Film Thickness Control System HOM2-R-VIS350A High-precision Optical Monitor
Wavelength range: 350nm to 1100nm 
Crystal Film Thickness Monitor XTC/3 plus 6-point rotary sensor
Evaporation Source EB source: 2 units
Ion Source 10cm RF Ion Source
Vacuum System Roughing Pump, Diffusion Pump + Polycold
Or Cryo Pump + Cryo Trap


Ultimate Pressure 7.0 × 10-5 Pa or lower
Pump Down Rate 15 min (Atm. to 1.3×10-3 Pa)
Substrate Heater 350℃ (max.)


Layout Dimensions 4500mm (W)×5500mm (D)×3200mm (H) approx.
Power Requirements 3-phase, 200V, 50/60Hz, 80kVA approx.
Cooling Water Flow Rate 80ℓ /min or greater
Compressed Air Pressure 0.5MPa or greater
Gross Weight 5400kg approx.