The Optorun Group aims to expand the application of optical thin-film technology through the development of new-type equipment, to enhance the functionality, and to improve the convenience of society's lives. We will contribute to the realization of a more prosperous and happy society by steadily returning the fruit of R&D activities to society.

Contributing to society through technological contributions

We are contributing to society in the following fields through our business activities by taking advantage of our ability to transmit and reflect light (electromagnetic waves) of multiple wavelengths in optical thin film filters with varying strength.

・Contribution through the provision of new advanced deposition technology required for customers'
development of new products Semiconductor optical integration technologies (ALD, etching, etc.) contribute to the development of next-generation high-performance devices.
 【Technical Application Example】
 ・Sophistication of smartphones (curved surfaces, complex shapes, etc.)
 ・Realization of AR glass
 ・Realization of high-performance automobile application devices and displays
 ・5G compatible BAW filter deposition
 ・Biosensors with higher functionality and lower cost

・Technological contributions to enrich lifestyles
We are contributing to the improvement of the functionality of electronic devices for the realization of the IoT society.  
 【Example of thin-film deposition】
 ・Biometric Authentication, touch panels and protection of chassis for smartphones
 ・DWDM filters essential for optical tele-communication
 ・Improvement of LED brightness and power saving

・Technological contributions to the health and safety of people  
The use of optical thin-film technology in camera devices and medical devices contributes to a safe and secure life and improved health for people.  
 【Example of thin-film deposition】
 ・Lens filters in surveillance cameras and biometric authentication for security
 ・X-ray equipment
 ・Support and contribution to biosensor research * Joint research with Waseda University

Quality Control

As a leading company in the industry, we will strive to further clarify quality standards and thoroughly implement quality control in order to prevent the generation of defective products. We will continue to make every effort to maintain quality in order to become a company that customers can trust even more.

・Quality control
We will continue to provide products, services, and information by engaging in quality improvement activities from two perspectives: quality improvement and technological improvement, in order to satisfy customers.

・Quality first and customer first
In order to provide high-quality products to customers who use our products, we have established our own quality control system, which covers everything from rigorous inspections at the design and development and manufacturing stages to maintenance and service after delivery.

・Service structure capable of responding quickly
Our customer service serves as the contact point for cooperation with each of our business sites, and we have put in place a system to respond as quickly as possible to problems and to urgent requests and requests.

・Quality control system
The President and Representative Director leads the global quality activities to improve the reliability of our products. In addition to unifying the quality policy at all plants, each site has its own quality system, which covers everything from the design and development stage to the manufacturing process, shipment, and delivery and installation.
In addition, we conduct thorough analyses of complaints from the market and defects in each process, implement standardization and preventive measures, and share within the organization the identified quality issues for group-wide improvement.

・Quality education
Each and every employee is aware of the importance of "Quality First" and "Customer First" and is putting it into practice. We believe that not only managers but also workers need to improve their skills. Accordingly, we have established a system for defining qualifications and implementing education and training at each plant.
In terms of quality, all of our employees are highly aware of the importance of quality activities, not only for product and services, but also for all areas our operations.

・Problem countermeasures
As a manufacturer, we have established a system to ensure the safe use of our products, as well as a system to deal with defects in the design and manufacturing processes.
In the event of a complaint or a quality problem during the in-house manufacturing process, the information is distributed to the relevant departments of each site, quality-related personnel, and management. The manufacturing plant that caused the complaint or problem is in charge of handling the problem, investigating the cause, and taking measures to prevent a recurrence. In addition, the relevant departments work together to share information on problems related to problems and countermeasures for quality problems. We also revise the design standards for the current equipment as well as the relevant equipment of other customers to prevent recurrence of such problems.

As a member of society

Human Rights

We understand that there is a possibility that our business activities may negatively affect human rights, and to avoid such a risk, we will:

・Respect for Human Rights   
In addition to complying with local laws, regulations, and social norms in our business activities, we will do our utmost to respect human rights through the following:
 ・Prohibition of Forced Labor
 ・Prohibition of Child Labor and Consideration for Young Workers
 ・Prohibition of all forms of discrimination based on race, ethnicity, nationality, social status,
 family origin, sex, disability, health condition, ideology and beliefs, sexual orientation and gender  identity, and differences in occupational type or form of employment
 ・Prohibition of inhumane treatment such as harassment and abuse
 ・Consideration of working hours based on work-life balance
 ・Appropriate wages and compensation
 ・Respect of workers' rights
 ・Prohibition of all other acts that violate human rights

We will make our group employees aware of the concept of respect for human rights, and will disseminate it through in-house training.

・Dialogue and consultation
We will advance our efforts to respect human rights by holding dialogues and consultations as necessary with our stakeholders and making use of external human rights expertise.


Since its founding, the Company has continued to grow by employing talented people of all gender, ethnicity, and nationality, and by providing job assignments suited to the characteristics of each individual, based on the business operations of management with a global background.
Each site in Japan and overseas operates its own organization in accordance with the characteristics of each region.
We will continue to implement the following measures to help our diverse employees further demonstrate their individuality.

・Recruitment and development of human resources
Hire talented employees regardless of gender, race, or nationality. In addition, employees are given equal opportunities to work and are encouraged to develop their abilities. Appropriate roles are assigned according to abilities.

・Work environment
We will strive to improve the working environment to enable employees with diverse backgrounds to grow and thrive.

・Appropriate treatment and improvement of employee motivation
Employees will be fairly evaluated and treated according to their performance regardless of gender, race, or nationality. To further share values with employees and stakeholders and achieve sustained growth, we have introduced a promotion system corresponding to ones' abilities and contribution to company performance, a remuneration system that determines bonuses directly linked to profits, and a stock-granting system to raise employee motivation.

Safety and Health

We will comply with various laws and regulations concerning occupational safety and health, and will endeavor to give consideration to the mental and physical health of employees.
Through communication with employees at the Safety and Health Committee, we will take the following safety measures and give consideration to the working environment.
・Implementation of measures to prevent occupational accidents and diseases
・Be careful about physically demanding work
・Safety measures for machinery and equipment through risk assessmentbr> ・Physical and mental health management for employees (health checkups, overwork, mental health)


We will comply with the laws and social norms of each country in our procurement activities in order to fulfill our social responsibility in relation to the research and development and supply of products.

1)Laws and social norms
・Compliance with the relevant laws and social norms of each country and region
・Exclusion of Antisocial Activities

2)Respect for Human Rights
・Procurement activities in line with our human rights initiatives

3)Occupational Safety
・Efforts to create an environment where employees can work in an environment where safety is ensured appropriately

4)Fair Trade
・Elimination of unfair competition such as bribery, corruption, coercion, and embezzlement
・No infringement of other companies' intellectual property rights

5)Environmental consideration
・Efforts to minimize adverse effects on the environment of air, water, soil, etc.
・Cooperation with our Group's Green Procurement Policy

■Request to Suppliers
In order to realize our group's initiatives, we have established the "Request to Suppliers for Optorun Group Procurement Activities" in order to request cooperation from our suppliers in areas such as human rights, occupational safety, environmental considerations, and fair trade. We would like to ask for your cooperation with our suppliers in continuously improving procurement to realize a sustainable society.

Requests to Suppliers for Optorun Group Procurement Activities