Environmental policy

We believe that our efforts toward the resolution of environmental problems is the most important issue in contributing to the local community, and have implemented environmental improvement measures.

Environmental philosophy

We recognize deeply the importance of environmental protection on both a local and a global scale. We evaluate the relationship with the environment at each stage, from reception of each type of raw material to the manufacturing and shipment of products, and contribute to the achievement of an environmentally friendly society.

Code of conduct

Through our production activities, we will promote the conservation of resources and energy, reduce waste, etc., and strive to improve the maintenance of a healthy environment and prevent pollution.
In addition to adhering strictly to legal requirements and other requirements the company has agreed to in relation to the environment, we will respect other related societal demands.
We will establish an environmental policy and strive proactively to implement it, reviewing it periodically, in order to promote continuous improvement of the environmental management system and utilize resources effectively.
We will provide employees and other staff members training to build their awareness of the environment and to enable them to take action in accordance with the environmental policy.
We will strive to become an open company in relation to the local community and society.