Optical Thin Film Sputtering Coater


NSC-15, an optical thin film sputtering coater for mass-product, employs metal-mode-sputtering technique combined with a highly reactive plasma source. Load-lock system is equipped to achieve high throughput production.

4 kinds of target materials at maximum
Replacement of cathode with other component
Dual rotary cylindrical cathod for stable discharge
High reactive plasma source for low absorption film
Load-lock type substrate holder transfer system


Vacuum Chamber LL Room: SUS304, W500 mm×D800 mm×H2890 mm
PR Room: SUS304, φ1650 mm×H1200 mm
Substrate Holder Selectable 13 - 22 pcs a holder
Rotary substrate drum system φ1500 mm, Drum Type, 10 rpm - 100 rpm (Variable)
Reaction source ICP (Inductively coupled plasma)
Sputtering source Dual rotary cathode (Planner type as option)
Evacuation system Roughing pump, Turbo molecular pump


Ultimate Pressure LL chamber: 10 Pa
PR chamber: ≤5.0 × 10-4 Pa
Pump Down Rate LL chamber: ≤20 min (from atmospheric to 1.0×10-1 Pa)
PR chamber: ≤40 min (from atmospheric to 5.0×10-3 Pa)
Setting substrate
heating temperature
150℃ as option

Utility Requirements

Layout Dimensions 5800 mm (W) × 7700 mm (D)×3200 mm (H)
Power Requirements 3-phase, 380V ± 10%、130kVA、50/60Hz
Cooling Water Flow Rate 180ℓ/min or greater
Compressed Air Pressure 0.5 MPa - 0.7 MPa
Gross Weight 13000 kg approx.