When was Optorun established?
The date of establishment is August 25, 1999.
Please see the History page for this information.
Where can I find an overview of your company?
Please see the Corporate Facts page for this information.
What are the main business activities?
Optorun manufactures and sells (including imports and exports) optical thin film coaters and peripheral equipment and other equipment that uses vacuum thin film coating products. Optorun also provides maintenance and consulting services involving these products. Please see the About Us page for more information.
What is the philosophy that guides the group’s activities?
Please see the Our Company page for this information.
Where can I see the most recent financial information?
Please see the Financial Highlights page.
Please provide Indices of financial performance.
This information is on the Management Indices page.
I want to see information about past performance and other subjects of interest to investors.
A variety of information for investors is available on the IR Library page.
What are the major risk factors that may affect your performance?
Please see the Risk Factors page for this information.
When were Optorun’s shares listed and where is the stock traded?
Our stock has been traded on the Tokyo Stock Exchange, 1st Section since December 2017.
What is the stock code? Where can I see basic information about the shares?
The stock code is 6235.
Please see the Basic Data page for more information.
What is your policy for dividends and other benefits for shareholders?
Please see the Distribution of Profits page for this information.
When is a general shareholders meeting ?
Please see the Shareholders‘ Meeting page and IR Calendar page for this information.