Ion Source

OIS-One/OIS-Two/OIS-Two Plus

17cm RF Ion Source

Optorun OIS-one/OIS-Two/OIS-Two plus RF ion source are developed for high-rate ion-assisted deposition and substrate ion cleaning, which are installed in Optorun OTFC-1100,
OTFC-1300 and OTFC-1550 coaters for mass production of various optical filters

Filamentless design. Low contamination and long life.
High and uniform current beams with broad beam angle.
Stable, long-hour operation.


Model OIS-One OIS-Two OIS-Two Plus
Dimensions φ300mm × 150mm (H)
Grids φ 17cm three molybdenum grids
Beam Voltage 100V - 1500V
Max Beam Current 1000mA 1200mA
Acc Voltage 100V - 1000V
Max RF Power 600W 750W 1000W
Gas Flow Rate 20sccm - 30sccm (argon)
40sccm - 60sccm (oxygen)
Pressure 5 × 10-2 Pa
Water-cooling RF coil and beam unit


Dimensions φ 6cm × 8cm φ 7cm × 12cm
Max Emission Current 1500mA 2000mA 2400mA
Max RF Power 150W
Gas Flow Rate 5sccm to 10sccm (argon only)