Ion Source


RF Ion Source

OIS-Four is a compact but high performance RF ion source specially designed for IAD coating system and suitable for vacuum coating and substrate cleaning at high rate.

The 10cm grid is small, but enables dense, uniform radiation over entire dome of our OTFC-600 and OTFC-900.

Most suitable for test coatings of optical filters, medium-sized production and R&D purpose.

Long life and less contamination compared with other ion sources using consumables such as filament.
High uniformity of ion density distribution, power and board coverage of evaporation over 800mm dia.
Highly stable and long operation hours.


Dimensions φ 224mm ×143mm (H)
Grids φ 10cm three molybdenum grids
Beam Voltage 100V - 1500V
Max Beam Current 500mA
Acc Voltage 100V to 1000V
Max RF Power 600W
Gas Flow Rate 25sccm - 35sccm (oxygen)
10sccm - 20sccm (argon)
Pressure 5.0 ×10-2 Pa
Water-cooling RF coil and main unit


Dimensions φ 6cm × 8cm
Max Emission Current 1500mA
RF Power 150W
Gas Flow Rate 5sccm to 8sccm (argon only)