Optical Wafer Level Sputtering Coater


OWLS-1800 is metal-mode sputtering system devoted to "semiconductor optics".The Wafer size appropriate for up to 12inchi.Thesputtering system can expand the scope of application(simultaneous double size coating,low temperature coating.etc.)

Available for several wafer size(12",10",8",6"and4")
Fast and clean transfer system by wafer-handling tobot in vacuum
3 Dual rotary cylindrical cathod at max
High reactive plasma source for low absorption film
Other module such as optical thickness monitor (in option)
Available for EFEM and compliant with SEMI standards


Vacuum Chamber LL Room: W820 mm×H1455 mm×D740 mm
TR Room:W1070 mm×H480 mm×D1070 mm
PR Room:W2540 mm×H745 mm×D2285 mm
Substrate Holder 10 pcs (Max 12 inchi)
Rotary substrate Drum system φ1800 mm×H48 mm, Turntable type,10 rpm ~ 100 rpm (Tunable)
Reaction source ICP (Inductively coupled plasma)
Sputtering source Dual rotary cathode (Planner type as option)
Evacuation system Roughing pump, Turbo molecular pump,Meissner chiller


Ultimate Pressure LL Room,TR Room: 10 Pa
PR chamber: ≤5.0 × 10-4 Pa
Pump Down Rate LL Room,TR Room: 5 min (From atmospheric to 10 Pa)
PR Room: 40 min (From atomospheric to 5.0×10-3 Pa)

Utility Requirements

Installation Space 6500 mm (W)×6000 mm (D)×3400 mm (H)
Electricity 3-phase+G, 380V ± 5%、125kVA、50/60Hz
Min.Water Flow Rate 195ℓ/min or greater
Air Pressure 0.5 MPa - 0.7 MPa
Gross Weight 13500 kg approx.