As a society member, the Optorun Group aims to comply with environmental laws and regulations and to conduct corporate activities with consideration for the environment and society in order to contribute to global environmental conservation.

Environmental Policies

For Optorun, the environmental protection at both a local and a global level is of the utmost importance.
By implementing environmental initiatives in accordance with international guidelines such as SDGs, ESG, and CSR, we will share the awareness of environmental issues worldwide.

Environmental Principles

We are deeply aware of the importance of environmental conservation at a regional and global level, and evaluate our relationship with the environment at every stage of the production cycle, including the procurement of various raw materials, manufacturing, and shipment, thereby contributing to the realization of an environmentally conscious society.
We aim to create new social, environmental and economic value and realize a sustainable society through the provision of innovative products.

Conduct Guidelines

Through our production activities, we will promote the conservation of resources and energy, reduce waste, etc., and strive to improve the maintenance of a healthy environment and prevent pollution.
In addition to adhering strictly to legal requirements and other requirements the company has agreed to comply with in relation to the environment, we will respect other related societal demands.
We will establish an environmental policy and strive proactively to implement it, reviewing it periodically, in order to promote continuous improvement of the environmental management system and utilize resources effectively.
We will provide employees and other staff members training to build their awareness of the environment and to enable them to take action in accordance with the environmental policy.
We will strive to become an open company in relation to the local community and society.

Specific Initiatives Based on Action Guidelines

・Active procurement of environmentally friendly parts
We have established and comply with the Green Procurement Standards in order to prevent the use of regulated hazardous substances in our products.

・Thorough treatment of industrial wastewater and water-saving
We treat and manage industrial wastewater in accordance with local laws and regulations at our domestic and overseas sites.

・Thorough exhaust gas treatment and management
We treat and manage exhaust emissions at our domestic and overseas sites in accordance with local laws and regulations.

・Reduction of waste and promotion of recycling
In order to appropriately dispose of and reuse waste generated by our business activities, we will process waste in accordance with local laws and regulations, and we will carefully certify waste disposal companies.

・Development of products that conserve energy and resources
In order to contribute to the realization of a carbon-free society, we are aiming to further reduce power consumption and size in the development of equipment.