Logo Vision

Our Logo and Vision

*Registered trademark of Optorun

The “R” stands for the word “run,” which expresses our commitment to constantly running forward toward our next goals. (Our mission is to constantly take on the challenge of breaking through technological barriers.)

The oval stands for “opto,” which expresses our involvement in activities associated with the construction of optical networks and the creation of digital networks that are vital to today’s information-dependent society. In addition, the oval represents global networks and the Optorun corporate culture of respecting different cultures.

The star symbol is a burst of light that stands for the opto-nanotechnology expertise at the heart of our business operations.

Our vision

We are dedicated to the advancement of today’s information-dependent society by taking on the challenge of further extending the boundaries of thin film technologies.

Our goal is to advance with our customers as we use a management team and workforce with a global mindset for the creation of a company driven by the constant creation of new knowledge.

We supply our customers with total solutions that are centered on our core field of opto-nanotechnology.
(Our motto: Seek innovations to make things possible rather than reasons something is not possible.)