Coating Machines and Key Components

OPTORUN can always bring revolution to the fields of optics and coating technology.

Soon after our founding, we successfully developed optical thin film equipment for use in the manufacturing of DWDM filters required for optical communications, and began selling our products in a manner that revolutionized conventional thought in an industry in which integrated supply of process technology had been the overwhelming norm. With the subsequent rapid spread of digital consumer electronics, the utilization of our vacuum deposition equipment has spread to antireflection coating and hard coating for mobile phones, heat transmission mirrors used in medical lighting, DVD pickup lenses, and other products that are an intimate part of our lives. The core technology that supports our high-precision multilayer thin film manufacturing was a dramatic development that became the industry standard.

Precise control and physical vapor deposition (PVD) speed stabilization, etc., are the pillars of our thin film manufacturing technology. We take full advantage of such technology for the performance of RF ion sources, optical film thickness monitors, and sensor units, etc. The technology that we utilize for each part has become today's industry standard.

Our optical thin film equipment was the world's first such equipment to be applied to LED lighting, which is currently expanding worldwide. In addition, we are furthering the development of CIGS solar cells, a promising technology for the next generation of solar power generation, thereby contributing to the world through the establishment of environmentally friendly clean energy. Further, there has been a rapid expansion of the need for thin film deposition technology that goes beyond application to optics, such as hard coating technology and anti-fouling technology for touch panels, including those used in smartphones. As a leader in the development of related technology, we will continue to contribute to the supply of high-quality products to the market.