Coating Machines and Key Components

Optorun also supplies coating processes and solutions based on own patents and R & D.

High Power Ion Source

Ion sources are the indispensable devices for ion assisted deposition and ion beam sputtering. Optorun has developed high current, wide distribution and good uniformity ion source, type OIS.

Optical Monitoring System

Optical Monitoring Systems are used for monitoring and measuring thin film thickness during thin film coating inside coaters, which are indispensable for automatic precision coating process. Various precision optical film monitoring systems are developed in Optorun considering optical properties of thin films, such as wavelength bandwidth, film layers, etc.)

HOM1 series is targeted for coatings applied in optical communication.
HOM2 series is targeted for mass-production of optical coatings, including reflectance and transmittance types. Multi-channel spectrometric film monitoring systems are being developed.

Coating Control Software

Stable and reliable control software is required for quality coating. Optorun supplies patented coating control technology with friend interface and rich function. The net-connect function is available for monitoring multi coater status.